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Welcome to Cambridge Restaurants, your local restaurant guide with hundreds of reviews contributed by Cambridge locals. Cambridge Restaurants is part of the Cambridge Online network.

So far we have compiled listings for most restaurants in Cambridge city centre and the surrounding area. For a complete list of all the areas and streets covered see the restaurants by location section.

Local restaurants have been categorised in two ways - location and type of cuisine. Some restaurants serve a variety of dishes from different world cuisines. Rather than put them in every category, we have placed them in the most relevant category.

We have also categorised restaurants by area and have included links to local pubs, enabling you to plan a whole night out in one area. Full contact details including maps and phone numbers are given for most restaurants, so you can book your table, find each restaurant and plan parking easily.

If you are having trouble finding a particular restaurant by its cuisine or location but you know its name, try this alphabetical list of restaurants. Alternatively use the search facility above.

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And finally, after you have enjoyed your dining experience at one of Cambridge's fine establishments don't forget to write a review and share the experience with the rest of Cambridge. Bon Appetit!

Eating out in London

* Fancy venturing a little further afield? London is under an hour away by train and has a huge number of restaurants to choose from. The London Online website has a dedicated London restuarants guide which lists over 1000 restaurants spanning an enormous range of cuisines.


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